Each DQMH release adds new features and improvements.

The Validate DQMH utility analyzes a DQMH module and suggests fixes to implement the improvements from the newer versions.

The video below shows how to use DQMH 6.0 validation tool to upgrade a project created using DQMH 6.0. This video is also found at bit.ly/DQMH60to61

How to use the tool:

  1. Go to Tools>DQMH Consortium>DQMH>Module>Validate DQMH Moduleā€¦
  2. A prompt will show the available DQMH modules in the current project.
  3. Select the DQMH module to validate.
  4. Follow the prompts.

The Validate DQMH utility looks for all of the following items in an lvlib to determine if it is a DQMH or not:

1. Public API > Requests folder

2. Public API > Arguments > Request folder

3. Public API > Arguments > Broadcast folder

4. Broadcasts folder

5. Obtain Broadcast Events.vi

6. Destroy Broadcast Events.vi

7. Obtain Request Events.vi

8. Destroy Request Events.vi

9. Request Events--cluster.ctl

10. Broadcast Events--cluster.ctl

11. Module Timeout--constant.vi

12. Module Name--constant.vi

13. Status Updated.vi

14. Module Not Running--error.vi