LabVIEW Example 1: Thermal Chamber Controller

This example implements a Thermal Chamber Controller with a singleton Delacor QMH module. The chamber is configured to reach a temperature set point. Once the temperature is reached, the VI stops. This illustrates that there is no need to have an event structure in the calling code and provides an example of a DQMH module being used in a traditional Configure  Read/Write  Close application.

To get the example:

  1. Go to Help  Find Examples…

  2. From the NI Example Finder window, select Directory Structure>DQMH Consortium>DQMH Consortium Fundamentals – Thermal Chamber.

  3. Open DQMH Consortium Fundamentals – Thermal Chamber.lvproj.

  4. Open Thermal Chamber

LabVIEW Example 1: Thermal Chamber Controller