Adding a New DQMH Module from a Custom Template

The previous section describes how to add a new DQMH Module. This option lists Singleton and Cloneable modules as the only two types supported. Follow the steps below to create a custom DQMH Module template and add it to the list of available DQMH Module Types. After completing the steps below, the available types will be Singleton, Cloneable, and your new module template.

A demonstration of how to create a customized DQMH template can be found here:

A DQMH Template Example is included with DQMH and can be found in <LabVIEW>\examples\DQMH Consortium\DQMH Template Example . This example includes a sample template module, its tester, and its XML file.

To create a new DQMH Custom Template:

  1. Create a new DQMH Module and customize it to fit your needs.

  2. Go to Tools>DQMH Consortium>DQMH>Module>Create DQMH Module Template… and follow the instructions provided, pointing the tool to the module you created in step 1.

  3. After you have create the module template, go to Tools>DQMH Consortium>DQMH>Module>Add New DQMH Module… and verify that your new module is offered as an option for Module Type, and the proper description text is displayed.