Frequently Asked Questions


How is the trace rendered?

The sequence diagram is drawn using Kroki.

Lumos needs web access for rendering the sequence diagram.

How many steps can be drawn?

The number of steps the Lumos Viewer can store is only limited by the available memory of your computer. The display limit is set to 1000 steps.

Use the filtering option to choose the steps to display when you reach the display limit.

Does tracing impact code execution?

Any kind of debugging technique, starting with LabVIEW probes, has an impact on your code execution.

We’ve been really careful to be as less intrusive as we can to prevent this issue when you are using Lumos.

  • When tracing is not enabled, the API functions don’t call any code.

  • When tracing is enabled, we do the minimum data gathering in the API and delegate all the time-consuming jobs to the Lumos.

If you need to preserve CPU and memory resources on the target executing your code, remember you can execute Lumos on a remote computer.


How do trial licenses work?

The license allows you to use the full-featured Lumos viewer application for 15 days.

How do individual licenses work?

The individual license:

  • is per developer.

  • can be activated up to 3 machines (physical computer or virtual machine).

  • can only run on one machine at the same time.

Only the Lumos viewer application is protected. The API installation doesn’t require activation.

How do site licenses work?

Site licenses are meant to be used by teams of developers.

Site license owners will receive a specific build of the Lumos viewer application with a custom splash screen.

This application doesn’t require activation.

License lifetime

All our licenses are perpetual. There are no recurring fees associated with the use of Lumos.

A new license is required to use any new major version. A refund is made for any current license owner