How to run the tests

After installing the VI Analyzer Tests .vip file, follow these steps to run an analysis:

  1. Launch Tools > VI Analyzer > Analyze VIs…​

  2. Make sure 'Start a new VI Analyzer task' is selected, and click Next.

  3. Use the 'Add Top-level item' button to add the folder(s) of your source code that you wish to analyze, and click Next.

  4. Select all the tests and/or categories of tests you wish to your on your source code. Note that the DQMH Consortium tests are listed in their own category. Click Next when you are done with the test selection.

  5. Optionally exclude certain source code files/folders from certain tests, and click Analyze.

After the analysis is complete, you can browse the results of passed/failed tests in the VI Analyzer Results Window.