Run the validation tool

Command description


Command call
g-cli --lv-ver <LabVIEW version number> ValidateDqmhModules  -- (1)
1 parameters Specific to the tool follow "--"


Table 1. Parameters
Name Category Required Description




Path of the lvproj file you want to validate DQMH® modules


Command with required parameters
g-cli --lv-ver 2020 ValidateDqmhModules -- -pp  "<lvproj path>"
The G CLI toolkit is developed by James McNally. You can find more information on calling parameters linked to the G CLI tool itselef here.


During the validation process, the command output displays the current validation step.

If the validator detects one or more errors, the command finishes with a fail status and the list of the failures

Any fix has to be done manually or with the Validator tool UI (Select LabVIEW menu Tools  DQMH Consortium  DQMH  Module  Validate DQMH Module…)