Validating an Existing DQMH Module


Each DQMH release adds new features and improvements. The Validate DQMH Module utility analyzes a DQMH module and identifies those potential improvements, and in most cases, offers the ability to automatically fix them.

The demonstration video below shows how to upgrade a module.

DQMH 6.0 to 6.1 validation process
The validation tool can also be used periodically to check possible inconsistencies in your project’s modules.
Use the CLI module validation tool to add this step to your CI (Continuous Integration) process.

Validating a module

  1. Go to Tools  DQMH Consortium  DQMH  Module  Validate DQMH Module…​

  2. A prompt will show the available DQMH modules in the current project.

validation tool prompt
  1. Select the DQMH module to validate and hit the OK button to start the validation process

In case of failure detections, the following window is displayed.

validation tool failure window

The Validate DQMH utility looks for all of the following items in an lvlib to determine if it is a DQMH or not:

  • Public API > Requests folder

  • Public API > Arguments > Request folder

  • Public API > Arguments > Broadcast folder

  • Broadcasts folder

  • Obtain Broadcast

  • Destroy Broadcast

  • Obtain Request

  • Destroy Request

  • Request Events–cluster.ctl

  • Broadcast Events–cluster.ctl

  • Module Timeout–

  • Module Name–

  • Status

  • Module Not Running–

Fixing a failure

Using the fixer

Most of the time validation tests come with a fixer.

If a fixer is available the Fix Issue button is displayed under the failure description.

validation tool fix button

Hit the Fix Issue button to apply the code modification.

Fix the failure manually

Some failures can’t be fixed automatically. In that case, the failure details explain how to fix the issue.

Ignore validation test

In some cases, it could be useful to ignore a validation test.

  • To ignore a test, right-click on the failure and select the Ignore this Failure item.

validation tool ignore failure
  • To enable the validation test again, hit the Manage Ignored Failures… button. Then select the tests to remove from the ignore list in the displayed window.

validation tool remove ignore failure
The tests are ignored at the module level.
The ignore validation test information is currently stored in a (human-readable) tag in the module .lvlib XML.

A few tests can be ignored on the VI level.

To disable a test only for a VI, include the 'Issue Text' of any validation test failure within the VI Description. To help you write the correct text, you can copy it from the right-click menu in the failure list.

validation tool issue text