DQMH CML Sample Project

DQMH 4.1 introduced the CML DQMH, short for DQMH Continuous Measurement and Logging sample project.

The video below is a presentation that Fabiola De la Cueva gave at GDevCon that goes over how we created the DQMH version of the NI QMH based sample project.

Create your own copy of the CML DQMH by clicking Create Project from the Getting Started Window in LabVIEW, and then clicking the DQMH Project Template.


Look at ways you can improve your CML DQMH project. For example, the project couples all the contents by sharing the Settings Editor. Instead, try to separate the editor from the individual DQMH modules. What if each DQMH module would own its own configuration and just send its configuration page to the Settings Editor? Before making any changes, make sure you model your solution using the tables and models recommended in Tips and Tricks for a Successful DQMH Based Project.