Renaming an Existing DQMH Module

To rename an existing DQMH module:

  • Videos demonstrating the following steps and other examples are available at:

    1. Go to Tools>DQMH Consortium>DQMH>Module>Rename DQMH Module….

    2. Select the DQMH Module you wish to rename. This drop down menu will only list valid DQMH modules found within the project.

    3. Enter the new name for the module.

    4. Click the OK button and wait for the module to be renamed.

    5. Right-click Renamed Module.lvlib>>Properties>>General Settings>>Edit Icon and edit the Icon Text>>Line 1 text to make the header reflect the new module’s name. Make any other changes like color and click OK when done.

    6. Click the OK button on the Library Properties window, and when prompted to apply the new icon to all the VIs in the library, click Yes. Accept saving all VIs when prompted.

    7. Run the Test Renamed Module and observe how all the places where used to have the old module’s name have the new one.

Rename DQMH Module wizard.
Do not forget to edit the icon for the DQMH renamed module!