TestStand Example 2: Thermal Chamber Controller Example With DUT.seq

This example sequence is an introduction into calling the Public API of multiple DQMH modules from TestStand. This example starts a Thermal Chamber Controller DQMH module (singleton) and a single instance of the Device Under Test DQMH Module (cloneable) and executes the following sequence:

  1. Update the Set Point, Ramp Rate and Heater State (to allow heating).

  2. Monitor the status until the target Set Point is reached.

  3. Perform a simulated self-test of the DUT.

To get the example:

  1. Go to Help  Find Examples…

  2. From the NI Example Finder window, select Directory Structure>DQMH Consortium>DQMH Consortium Fundamentals – Thermal Chamber.

  3. Open DQMH Consortium Fundamentals – Thermal Chamber.lvproj.

  4. Open Thermal Chamber Controller Example With DUT.seq`.

See LabVIEW Example 2: Thermal Chamber Controller with DUT.vi for a similar example in LabVIEW.