Running the DQMH Project Template

If the developer is creating an application employing one Singleton and one Cloneable DQMH modules, start with the Project Template:

  1. Click Create Project from the Getting Started Window in LabVIEW.

  2. Click the DQMH Project Template.

  3. The following section assumes that the Include Do Something'' events in new module? option was selected and that the My Singleton'' and ``My Cloneable'' DQMH modules were not renamed when the project was created.


Videos demonstrating the following steps and other examples are available at:

  1. In the Project Explorer window, open and run My Singleton

  2. Click the front panel controls and watch the Status indicator display messages.

  3. Stop the VI by closing the front panel. Since the module was started as a standalone module, the front panel does not close, but the VI stops.

  4. Now run the Test My Singleton Module under the Testers virtual folder.

  5. Click the Start Module button and wait for the LED indicating that the Module is running to turn on.

  6. Click the front panel controls and watch the tester update according to the requests sent and the broadcasts received.

  7. Stop the tester by closing the front panel.