Renaming an Existing DQMH Event

To rename an existing event go to Tools  DQMH Consortium  DQMH  Event  Rename DQMH Event….

Rename DQMH Event wizard.
1 Select the DQMH Module containing the event you wish to remove. This drop down menu will only list valid DQMH modules found within the project.
2 Specify the event you wish to rename. This drop down menu will let you select between all the request and broadcast events in the module.
3 Specify the new name for the event.
4 Click OK and the specified event will be renamed.
The renamed DQMH Event VI will include a note in its documentation indicating ``This VI was renamed by the DQMH Rename Event utility. Make sure the VI Description is updated to reflect the new event name, then delete this comment''. Also, none of the arguments nor MHL cases will be renamed. This is a security measure, because other code might be enqueuing to that case in the MHL loop.

The following requests and broadcasts are considered part of the DQMH core, and cannot be renamed:

  • Core Requests:

    • Show Module

    • Hide Module

    • Get Module Execution

    • Stop

  • Core Broadcasts:

    • Module Did Init

    • Status Updated

    • Error Reported

    • Module Did Stop

    • Update Module Execution Status